About Us

Pioneering the naturally derived, environmentally noninvasive Wiser Wash® process
Tortoise Denim is the result of a dream to put sustainability at the core of the denim industry. We are the first and only brand that has continuously implemented methods of washing that entirely eliminated the need to use any corrosive chemicals as well as using more than 90% less water than traditional laundries. Tortoise denim was established in the year 2013 with the initiative to responsibly innovate and go beyond the technologies that are today considered standard in washing jeans. We o er new possibilities for expanding the types of washes currently achievable, making production more simple and efficient, all this with the minimal use of resources. We believe that attractive looking denim can still be achieved and at the same time respect our natural resources. This proprietary technology is what we call the Wiser Wash. The Wiser Wash process eliminates the use of pumice stones and toxic chemicals involved in traditional washing while still achieving beautiful abrasions and bright contrasts that reveal the true beauty of indigo denim.

WISER WASH Patent #9,562,318